Table of Contents

  1. How do the online courses work?
  2. How do I set up additional courses?
  3. How long will I have to access the materials for the online courses?
  4. How long will I have to access the Creation Apologetics Master Class (CAMC)?
  5. I was doing a check of the grades and noticed that there is no quiz for CAMC lesson 15. Is this intentional or a mistake?
  6. Does the PDF document entitled “Effective Evangelism” have only one page? My concern is that I cannot open the whole document. I use an iPad.
  7. My videos are not playing?
  8. Is there a way to get the articles in PDF format for printing purposes?
  9. The intro video promised "Lesson Goals" and " Lesson Responsibilities". I do not see them. Do I need to do something to be able to see them?
  10. What Bible translation to recommend to take the quizzes? KJV, NKJV, NASB, etc.
  11. Where can I get the Moodle phone or mobile app?
  12. When you see the results of a quiz, can you see the answers to the questions you got wrong?
  13. How do I print articles and/or save them on my computer? When I have the article and right-click to print, I get only a partial article. If I "Select All" and either print or copy/paste to a blank Word page, I still get only a partial document.
  14. How do I obtain the certificate of completion and a copy of my grades?
  15. I am an ACSI teacher and paid to receive the ACSI certificate. How do I receive my certificate?

How do the online courses work?

Each online course is a great opportunity to learn and grow, all while interacting with material from some of the world’s best-known creation speakers and scientists! 

  • Register for the online course that works best for you or your student. 
  • Begin at any time and complete the course at your own pace within a six-month period. 
  • Review course material including reading assignments and videos. 
  • Take online quizzes, providing learning assessments. 

 If you would like to track the grades of the quizzes, you will need to purchase a separate course for each student and have them sign up with a unique email address.  

You can share the same login information within a household, you just wouldn’t have a way to keep the quizzes separated out. Each person would be able to take the quizzes, but you wouldn't be able to distinguish who got which scores without tracking those grades individually and a unique certificate of completion would not be available. 

The courses are intended to provide you access to the course materials for a limited time while you are participating in the course, not unlimited access to the materials. It is expected that you complete the course within a six-month period, but you may take longer if needed. The course materials will be available to you through 12/31 of the year after you enroll in the course (allowing a minimum of 12 months of access to the course materials).  

Due to the extended nature of the Creation Apologetics Master Class course, the content will be available for you to access through December 2023 if 2022 was your enrollment year or through December 2024 if 2023 was your enrollment year. Please ensure that you are pacing the lessons to complete the course by that date. 

You will notice at the bottom of that lesson block it says that there is no quiz and to proceed to lesson 16. 

Does the PDF document entitled “Effective Evangelism” have only one page? My concern is that I cannot open the whole documentI am using an iPad. 

The document has 20 pages and is formatted as a booklet. If it is not visible in your browser, you may have to download the booklet or try another browser. 

If you're having trouble with video playback through Moodle, please try clicking on the title of the video to pop it out into an unlisted YouTube video. 

See screenshot: 


If the video is missing, it may be because it was copyright struck on YouTube by their automated system. AiG has been granted use of certain videos for use in the AEO courses, but YouTube's automated system is indiscriminate.  

We are planning on self-hosting the education videos to mitigate issues like this. In the meantime, if you encounter any broken videos, please contact and we can add the video download to your AiG account so you can download and watch it from there.  

Only the articles that are not directly available on our website are offered in a PDF format. If you want the articles in PDF, you would have to save the text from the articles into a word processing app and save them as a PDF. 

The "Student Responsibilities" and "Lesson Goals" are listed immediately under the title for each lesson in bold headings with bulleted lists. For each article and video, you will find the "Key Ideas" when you click on the link to the resource. 

The questions are not translation-specific, so any reliable translation will be fine. We generally recommend KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, HCSB/CSB as reliable translations. 

You can download the Moodle phone app here: . 

Enter in "" for the website, then log in with your Moodle account credentials. 

Please note: The Moodle app has not been tested and we are only able to offer support for the web version. 

Yes, if you click Grades in the left sidebar and then select the quiz, in the next screen there will be a Review link that will show you all of the answers on your last attempt for each quiz and all of the correct answers will be displayed in the box under each question. 

If you "Select All" within the frame, you should be able to select and print the entire article. You will have to make sure that you are selecting the text inside the frame. If you select on the page itself, you will select the frame but not what is inside the frame.  

The other option is to find the article on our website ( by pasting the title into the search bar. You should have no problem printing from the website. 

How do I obtain the certificate of completion and a copy of my grades?

You can find instructions for collecting the grades in the Tutorial Video: Grades near the top of the course page and there should be a link at the very bottom of the course page to complete the certificate. It will generate a digital certificate for you to save or print. 

If you are taking a course for ACSI CEU credits, please include your ACSI practitioner number (if you don't know what this is, it does not apply to you) and your name as it should appear on your certificate. Email this information to

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